BNet Server


BNet Server is a small and basic HTTP server for hosting files on home computers.

The features include:
  • Easily host a small site with a small executable
  • You can define the port and location of error documents yourself
  • You can block certain IPs from using the server
  • Directory listing is supported, but can be turned off
  • "Maintenance mode" displays a predefined maintenance page if needed
  • Password protecting a directory is easy

For password protection:
Create a file named "Protect.cfg" in the directory that needs to be protected.
In this file add a line in the form [USER]:[PASSWORD] for every user that may access the directory.

Because BNet Server reads the whole file before sending it, you can't host files that are larger than the amount of free memory you have. If you do host too large files and someone tries to access them, BNet Server will crash.

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